The Needs Are Great, But Also Small...

Hello, from LivAfrika! Like myself, you may be asking "How can I help those in need?" You see suffering and you want to help, perhaps you wonder, "What can can I do here in the US to help these grandmothers who are raising AIDS orphans in South Africa?"

Sometimes the problems are so overwhelming, it feels like it's impossible for just one person to make any substantial difference because the needs are SO great!

My friend and pastor, Jim Harnish, frequently recites a poem by Bonaro Overstreet named “Stubborn Ounces”. Hearing these words always brings me back to a place where my spirit realizes that no matter how small the act, I can make a difference in this world and it can be powerful.

For those of you who haven’t read it:

Stubborn Ounces
You say the efforts that I make
Will do no good;
They will never prevail
To tip the hovering scale
Where justice hangs in the balance.
I don’t think
I ever thought they would
But I am prejudiced beyond debate
In favor of my right to choose which side
Shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight.

Jim and I traveled to South Africa many times over the last several years; leading mission teams from Hyde Park UMC. Together we shared in the experience of walking in the shoes of another, in this case, many others. We are profoundly aware that when we are able to see everything first hand, the experience becomes much more powerful.

All of us want to help, but our resources may dictate what we can do. Financially speaking, money certainly can go a long way in South Africa, where a 1/4 of the population are unemployed and living on less than $1.25 a day.

If you have the means to donate financially, then please know that every penny helps! You can donate directly at

But not all of us have those extra resources. So what can we do?

  • There is a group called the “Wandering Teachers” who travel out to the informal settlements and prioritize the most critical needs. They have recently asked for underwear for their preschoolers. Please feel free to donate new, size small underwear.
  • The women who create the exquisite bead work need stronger eyeglasses so donations of used or new readers are a huge help.
  • And don’t forget the power of prayer. To these grandmothers, knowing that there is someone across the globe that is specifically praying for them on a daily basis means so much to them in a personal way that is difficult to explain. In many ways, they feel forgotten by the world and when we remember them in our daily devotions, it makes them feel loved and important. Your prayers and spiritual power gives them hope.

I will be leaving on Sunday, Sept 7th for my journey back to Africa. If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop them off at LivAfrika by the close of business Saturday, Sept 6th. And thank you for reading this blog and for all the support for the women and children of South Africa.

Watch the video below to hear my initial mission and vision for the LivAfrika Project (what is now LivAfrika was formerly, Sita's Emporium).



    October 16, 2014 by Sita Monti

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