Hello! Thank you for visiting LivAfrika. I have been traveling to Africa since the 1980′s and it is my passion to help empower the women whose lives have been affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS, gender inequality and domestic violence.

With your help, together we can begin to uplift these women and transform their lives. The exquisite jewelry and home goods offered here on LivAfrika are all hand-made by women in South African and surrounding countries. Your purchase of these Fair Trade items supports us as LivAfrika helps these women become economically independent and transform their lives, and the lives of their families, through feelings of a greater sense of self worth and confidence and financial support.

Our philosophy here at LivAfrika of a “Hand Up, Not a Hand Out” creates a sustainable and positive change in the lives of these women and their families - you and I together are powering LivAfrika to positively impact generations to come.

​Thank you for your support.

Sita Monti, Founder